Game Designer, Unreal Enginge enthusiast, 3D art, and Web Design

Hello there, I’m a Game Designer, Web Designer specialized in Project Managing and a former Digital Marketing Planner from Guatemala.

I began working in Digital Marketing by helping brands like Tigo Guatemala and Colgate-Palmolive Central America build and maintain their online presence. This was done in OMD Guatemala, and MEC Guatemala advertising agencies where I also helped start and set up their Digital Marketing departments. Afterwards, I started working in Web Development working directly with clients in structuring and building custom websites following specific guidelines. The most notable sites are healthcare websites for urgent care clinics.

You can read about my full work experience here.

Now I’m also working in Game Development which demands the use of my knowledge in 3D modeling, Animation and Programming. As most creative skills, I’m continuously researching and practicing new techniques and theories.

You can find my most recent projects in this page.

If you would like to know more...

You can ask me anything at me@rodaraujo.com.

Rodrigo Araujo Soria, 2022